3 Drawers Heavy Duty Toolbox for Sale in Townsville for UTE Storage / Trailer Storage / Truck Storage
1750 (L) X 600 (W) X 850 (H)

Original price was: $1,840.Current price is: $1,790.

1750 (L) x 600 (W) x 850 (H)
Heavy Duty Toolbox for sale in Townsville
Complete storage solution with 3 drawers
Perfect as Trailer Storage, UTE Storage or Truck Storage
Fully welded Toolbox Water and Dust Proof Lockable Toolbox
Gas Struts Heavy Duty drawer rails
3 drawers tool box

Big Trailer Warehouse Townsville offers Townsville's largest selection of premium quality BRAND NEW Aluminum Toolboxes for Sale at affordable prices!

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Heavy Duty Aluminum Toolbox with 3 Drawers for Sale
This Brand New Aluminum Toolbox is available in the largest trailer and toolboxes warehouse in Townsville. We are easily accessible from surrounding areas in Townsville, ensuring you can find the perfect toolbox to meet your requirements.

Trailer Type

Single Axle Trailer

Trailer Size

8×5 Trailers for Sale

Cage Height

2ft (600mm) Cage


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3 Drawers Heavy Duty Aluminium Toolbox for Sale in Townsville

Purchasing an aluminum toolbox can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a plan in place. You need to consider how many tools you already have, as well as how much space you need for future purchases. This will help you decide on the right portable toolbox to suit your needs.

This 3-drawer Aluminum Toolbox for sale in Townsville is ideal for those who have a lot of tools and need to move them around easily. Made out of aluminum, it is a great choice because it can withstand the harshest environments, including outdoor conditions.

Our range of different toolboxes has its own unique features. For example, some come with internal drawers, top-opening toolboxes, and UTE storage aluminum toolboxes.

These options will all vary in price, so you need to consider your needs before making a purchase. It is not uncommon for a high-end toolbox to cost over $1000. If you are unsure if you’ll be using the toolbox a lot, it may be better to look for a less expensive option.

Toolboxes can be designed to hold a variety of items, from pliers and utility knives to spirit levels and torches. They can also contain tools for safety, like gloves and goggles.

For serious contractors, a large toolbox with plenty of drawers is a must-have. This will keep your small and large tools, supplies, and parts organized and accessible when you need them most.

If you have a truck, van, or SUV that you need to store your tools and equipment in, this is an excellent solution. This unit will fit perfectly behind the wheel well and provide you with convenient storage for your tools and other accessories.

The lid of the toolbox is hinged with stainless steel hinges and heavy-duty stainless T locks with a spring built into the lock to prevent the lock handle from becoming loose. The toolbox is also water/dust resistant with fully welded seams to ensure that it is protected from the elements. Its durable construction is perfect for use in the back of a pickup, work truck, single or tandem axle trailers, or SUV.